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A Dough Story...

"Your Pizza is so delicious and the crust is so flavorful... what's your secret?"


This is a question we at Peppino's hear daily. People want to know if it's because our dough is made fresh daily. The quick answer is No!


Great tasting dough takes time to develop a complex taste. Like beer and great wine, time is needed so the yeast can ferment and create a distinct character to the dough. It's a delicate interaction between yeast and sugar that makes a great tasting crust. That's why we age our dough (called proofing) so it can develop the wonderful complex flavor that makes it taste so fantastic.


Our carefully managed dough is made fresh daily and then rests with a three-day fermentation until it's perfectly balanced to create that slightly chewy authentic artisan crust. For the past 17 years we have spent countless hours researching and talking to experts until we ourselves have now become experts. It is an artform and takes time. Each batch of dough starts with carefully recording the outside air, flour and water temperatures to create a finished dough that can withstand our three day aging process. It's truly a passion.


Our pizzas are baked on a stone deck oven at temperatures greater than 550°F. This combination brings out the best in our dough by creating a finished crust with a delicious crunch wile remaining light and airy inside. 


And of course, the same care goes into our sauces and toppings. This is why Peppino's pizzas are guaranteed to be the finest you've ever had!

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1849 Grant Boulevard

Syracuse, NY 13208