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1849 Grant Boulevard

Syracuse, NY 13208

Cheeseburger Melts

Deluxe Burger

Fresh Angus beef with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and fresh onion


Mushroom Swiss Burger

Sautéed mushrooms with Swiss cheese and Fresh Angus beef


Bacon Cheeseburger

Bacon, Fresh Angus Beef, Cheddar Cheese and caramelized onions


Rodeo Burger

BBQ Sauce, Deep Fried Onion Rings, Fresh Angus Beef and American cheese

All Melts are $9.99 they are served with fries and 1 deep fried pickle spear – Also optional at no charge are ketchup, mustard and mayo packets


Available add on’s are:

Lettuce - .50

Tomato - .50

Onion - .50

Crumbly Blue Cheese – .99

Bacon – .99

Mushrooms - .99


Cheeses can be subbed but there is no credit, it’s an upcharge of $.99 to switch cheeses. Available Cheeses are:






You can also sub Onion Rings for French Fries for $.99 extra